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I'm new to drawing nsfw but im trying to draw the gud tiddy.
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heya im here now

Posted by trickstermonkey - February 4th, 2019

Hi im new to posting art here! 

as we know tumblr basically died for artists (as if it wasnt already dead) and i migrated to twitter and insta.

I noticed others were also coming here which was like, wow maybe i can do that too if im good enough for that (i use to use this site as a kid but i was drawing dumb naruto traces then so i really just played games everyday)

So! im gonna try my best posting the gud art here and i guess im free to be a thirsty hoe here lmao

i draw basically fanart and OCs of mine and my friends

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i wouldn't be a thristy hoe but someone who has passion for making your work XD but welcome to NG. i have noticed alot of artists imigrated from tumblr here and everyone is welcome, and there is almost no standard here although some high expectations sometimes from people. the only thing is your art gets less noticed in the art portal what kinda sucks so it comes down to the fan base as well that you have. anyway just be kind to people and i am sure you will enjoy yourself just fine. if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask ^^ and again welcome to NG.

Ah thanks!
Dont really have a fanbase anywhere so i guess good luck to me eh? lmao